Why Choose 2G?

The industry experts you can trust.

With over 7,500 projects completed in 55 different countries, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and manufacturing of a long-lasting, reliable product. 

  •  Pre-engineered product
  • Local factory-trained technicians
  • Best in class ROI

Why Submit for an Assessment? 

Understanding what it is.

At 2G Energy, we make CHP easy with a wide range of carbon neutrality options, which makes us the most feasible product in the field. 

All you need:

  • Copy of Recent Energy Bill
  • Basic Information of how you consume Heat & Power
  • What Energy Goals You are Looking to Achieve 

What Your Assessment will Contain

We ask for a handful of information, but what will you receive in return? 

  •  Potential Economic benefits
  •  Preliminary Sizing estimates
  • Carbon Savings
  • Available Incentives 
  • Recommendations on how to pursue a project

We understand that if you are anything like us, you like to keep most information private. In order for us to gather the needed bills and further project information, an expert team member will be in contact with you shortly after your submission.

We look forward to working with you and hope we can assist you in your energy goals. 

Fill Out and be a Step Closer to Your CHP